What Will Be The Biggest Edtech Trends In 2020?
From the ancient to modern era, Indian education has transformed from gurukuls to digital learning platforms and from handwritten manuscripts to app-based programs on smartphones and tablets. Education technology or edtech has revolutionised the way education is consumed in the present era.

“Today, stuff you needed to know at a basic level is available for free on Khan Academy or similar platforms. This “Basics for free” is forcing a higher bar for truly quality education.In future, a platform that provides content, or does a modicum of personalisation will not be enough. A deep understanding of how best to teach and innovation in the way one learns will lead to better learning outcomes of the future, as tech and connectivity are becoming cheaper,” said Manan Khurma, CEO and founder, CueMath.

So, how different education in the modern era is?
Learning today is not limited to books but has become more of an immersive experience. A virtual journey into a lattice, touch and feel your way, or a virtual journey into Schrodinger’s box, see for yourself if the cat is dead or alive?, or walk back in history to the Indus valley civilisation and experience it. “An experience can be recalled much more easily, cross-referenced at will by our brain, making our learning grow exponentially,” added Khurma.

Virtual learning is now a global norm. Also, peer-to-peer learning apps and web portals are enabling students to connect with their peers and share knowledge, despite geographical barriers. Pearson found that 50% of learners in India use the internet for self-study. The survey also revealed that 78% of Indians believe students today have the benefit of using tech-based tools and smart devices to support their learning.

“The continued reliance on online supplementary courses, video tutorials and edtech platforms indicate a shift is taking place – from classroom learning to virtual learning,” said Arshan Vakil, founder and CEO of Enguru.

Also, the focus today is more on vocational and skill-based training. Khurma believes the rapid pace of change, powered by the immense data engines and breakthrough tech riding on massive data, will now require all of us to re-skill 2-3 times in a duration of a lifetime.

Simplilearn’s CEO and founder Krishna Kumar seconds Manan’s thoughts and believes the edtech startups are willing to encash this opportunity well. “With more learners taking to online skilling programs, the Indian Edtech sector is today going through a phase of metamorphosis. Online training programs are becoming the answer to upskilling and building a strong skill set for career growth and development as a professional,” Kumar added.

Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer, BYJU’S further emphasises that the advent of digital learning tools has pushed digital consumption of education at home. Interactivity has taken centre stage and data and analytics are playing a key role in personalisation and customisation of learning. “Importance of formative learning and early conceptual understanding has gained more acceptance. Also, edtech startups are now experimenting with vernacular languages to cater to the huge student population outside metros,” he added.

Source : https://inc42.com/features/what-will-be-the-biggest-edtech-trends-in-2020/


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