How Indian Medical Students Can Explore Opportunities in the US

With schools offering a direct path to an MD degree, how does a prospective international medical student select the right program with US clinical opportunities? A growing number of future doctors in India are heading abroad to study. The number of students who applied for the mandatory eligibility certificate from Medical Council of India (MCI) to study medicine abroad almost doubled—from 8,737 in 2016-17 to more than 14,000 in 2017-18. With seats in Indian medical schools limited, MD programs in the Caribbean are becoming an increasingly attractive option for students seeking US and UK clinical experience. With schools offering a direct path to an MD degree, how does a prospective international medical student select the right program with US clinical opportunities? Plan and network For students exploring opportunities abroad, planning and networking are critical. Research matters. Students can start looking into the options available to them by networking with peers online to learn more about international medical graduates (IMG). There are many online resources that can assist by connecting prospective students with information on international medical schools and their students or alumni. Some schools even offer to connect prospective students with current students and alumni. Consider your specialization interests Data released by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) projects a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by 2030 in the US—including primary care, medical specialities, surgical specialities, and other subspecialties. While it helps to consider specialities in greatest needs of physicians, don’t lose sight of your personal goals and preferences as you plan your career. Visit the campus when possible Whenever possible, check out programs or visitation weekends when available, even if that means travelling to do so. Nothing will give you a better sense of where you will want to spend the next few years than setting foot on campus. While it is impossible to get a complete understanding of the ups and downs of medical school life, you can at least get a feel for the atmosphere and energy by visiting campus and asking admissions reps. Ask about events, organizations and clubs, facilities, and activities available to students. If travelling is not an option, take the time to talk with alumni, current students, or admissions representatives. You can also take a virtual reality tour of the campus to get a feel for the campus and its resources. Learn all about the match and acceptance rates Look closely for IMG friendly residency programs in consultation with faculty at your current medical college/school. Get an understanding of how the matching process works. Take your time when it comes to applying and creating your desirable program rankings. Don’t overthink acceptance rates when you make your application decisions. It is useful, but only to get a general understanding of competitiveness. You may miss out on schools that would have been a great fit personally. Take the Caribbean route While evaluating the options available to you, keep in mind that Caribbean medical schools have made significant contributions to the US health care system. *According to a 2019 article in the Journal of Medical Regulation, FSMB Census of Licensed Physicians in the United States, the international medical school with the largest number of graduates actively licensed in the US in 2018. Source : #law #mangement #universities #computeers #mechanicalengineering

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