RGUKT students develop women safety devices, apps
The devices developed by teams from RGUKT draw appreciaton at World Education Summit

Hyderabad: Students of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT) recently developed some women safety apps and devices which won appreciation at the World Education Summit.

Sthreebal- RGUKT intermediate student N Shashidhar Raju developed a wrist watch that can generate electric shock. If someone tries to assault the woman, she can switch on a button in the watch which will generate a 1000 volts electric shock and paralyse the attacker. Since the watch is insulated, the women who wear it will not be harmed.

Neelakantan Shashidhar Raju, who hails from Asifabad district of Telangana and is a pre-university student at RGUKT, says, “the cost of the device is only about Rs. 500 to 600”. The equipment used in it is a watch, old mobile phone battery and a high voltage generator.

“I got the idea and shared it with the Physics department faculty co-ordinator, Anitha. She helped me to contest in the RGUKT tech fest,” he says. “Now I am planning to get a patent for the device,” says the 17-year-old.


Swarasthr is an app developed by a team of four RGUKT students. One can save the contacts in this app. If she screams when in danger, the app recognizes the situation and sends a message to the contacts in the phone along with the location of the women. This helps in alerting the security agencies immediately. The app seeks to identify a given situation as danger or not by fear factor analysis.

Students of 3rd year Computer Science Engineering, K Amrutha, SK Mubeen, V Pratyusha and P Hema, are behind this innovation. “Name of the app itself is self-explaining. Swara means voice and asthr is weapon. So, Swarasthr is Weapon powered by Voice.” explains Amrutha.

“Swarasthr stands out of the existing safety technologies as it works without any human intervention. Once on, it senses a scream, categorise and send emergency calls and messages with location details to all the contacts saved in the application,” she said. The app is in working condition now and the team is looking to develop it further.

Women safety device
This is a pocket device which a woman can carry as a watch or in hand bag or purse. “When needed, this electronic device can be initiated by switching it on and it sends alert messages along with location to the phone contacts saved in the device,” says Bodupally Lakshmi Prasanna, RGUKT student who worked on the device.

In case, the location of the person in distress is not uploaded in Google map, the device sends the longitudinal latitudinal location of the women. “This is a prototype and I am planning to add additional settings to it,” says the Electronics and Communication Engineering student.

According to Associate Dean of Sciences and Humanities, Dr. Devaraju Gurram, when a student comes with a proposal of innovative ideas, the institution aids them financially as wells as scientifically. “The Vice-Chancellor allocates the funds and assign a faculty for monitoring the project,” he says.

These devices were presented at the World Education Summit and the innovations won much appreciation. “There were also suggestions to integrate all three innovations together and make it a more useful device for women safety and we are planning to do that,” he concluded.

Source : https://telanganatoday.com/rgukt-students-develop-women-safety-devices-apps


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