Progressive rediscovery in education with new dimensions
The Ultimate Excellence in Education Since 1998
"Service through education is our first stop to learn what we need to perform at our best. Educating Schools must offer a whole library of resources and learning opportunities that cover the core knowledge needed by all citizens."

Our Journey


SSVM group of schools have remarkable service-oriented views to offering world-class education to young minds and was established in 1998 under Sri Srisha Educational and Charitable Trust with Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer - a day cum residential school affiliated to CBSE, SSVM Matriculation Higher Secondary School and a charitable organization for differently-abled children under the Athma Seva Unit (A Special School) at Alangombu, Mettupalayam.


SSVM further stretched its wings of quality education through SSVM World School, affiliated to CBSE under Srisha Educational and Charitable Trust at Coimbatore tracing the roots to the leadership and passion towards the growth of the marginalized rural population of our Nation in par with the urban sector. We ensure that the brightest and most ambitious students develop a close-knit community and universal brotherhood without any discrimination.


SSVM School of Excellence, affiliated to CBSE at Coimbatore established in 2018 with a reputation for educating the Nation's best and offers a practical curriculum that is rigorous and exciting to those interested in a life of excellence. The Open Schooling facility has also been extended at SSVM Institutions.


SSVM PREPVERSITY is a new-fangled wing, stretched to widen the professional placements for NEET/IIT-JEE, SAT, NATA, CPT. This Institute is an endeavour to provide an organized cum structured study, competent class and remarkable results with brilliant concept clarity, smart conceptual mastery and expertise in application skills.

Progressive rediscovery in education with new dimensions


The Open Schooling facility has also been extended at SSVM Institutions. The Schools also offer the opportunity for students to attempt NIOS Examinations for Classes 10 and 12 both as an in-house and long-distance program.

ATHMA SEVA – A Special Unit for Differently-abled

SSVM is one of the few avenues for services helping differently-abled children under Athma Seva by providing free education and transport with speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and so on. We believe that services are meant to be individual and specific to any child, and each child's learning disability manifests itself differently, thus warrants different supports. The school 'Athma Seva' gives free and appropriate Special Education to all who look for a quality inclusive education.


SSVM provides a fertile ground for the flowering of the potentials of not only being an efficient learner but also a real cosmopolitan and responsible contributor to universal development. Our Group of Schools encourage close interactions between students, scholars and thinkers from across the country and the world. At the same time, we take care that young minds entering our portals are provided with all necessary guidance and moral virtues. Our team at SSVM is highly dedicated towards its objective of making SSVM a better place for national as well as international students.


SSVM Institutions is ranked in the Top 100 brands in Asia. We offer academic excellence which delivers interdisciplinary and research-based educational programs focused on globalization and national security. We grow at all times more specific, ranking the quality of each department and career guidance programs. The accomplished reputation over two decades as one of the top Institutions exemplify the success of SSVM's Educational Model of International paradigm with Indian ethos. Picturesque Campus, World-Class Laboratories, Libraries, Most-Modern Infrastructure, Unparalleled residential environment with positive school climate, Digital Informatics like First in Math, Smart classrooms, Labs on Linguistics, Computers, Robotics, 3D Printing and many more unmatched features help our learners motivate and prepare themselves for future. SSVM's social outreach departments build programs around critical interests in the environment, the economy, public-private partnerships, research, and of course leadership through Planet Protector Academy, Uniform Service programs such as National cadet Corps - Army Wing and Air Wing Units, Scouts and Guides. The secure, reliable resources help boosts our standing in the world of effective academia. However, our focus on innovation is what makes SSVM stand out as a unique learning hub.

SSVM prepares students for the AISSE & AISSCE along with NEET/IIT Classes. The schools aim for children's overall development ensuring their safety and well- being. The excellent educational programmes are complemented by futuristic facilities and resources to educate children to excel holistically across Academics, Sports, Arts and Co-Curricular pursuits such as Band, Rifle, Badminton, Taekwondo, Boxing, Chess, Swimming, Athletics and much more. The Award of International Accreditation by the British Council, UK reinforces the school's commitment to providing global holistic educational opportunities to the students.

SSVM addresses the needs of students who aim to work in government, business, non-profit Organizations, community service, and international relations. Our students particularly enjoy the school's emphasis on connectivity, which allows learners to study on other campuses, and even beyond. Perhaps the unique aspect of our schools is its emphasis on sustainability, which will enable students to conserve our planet. The schools' overarching goal has been to make SSVM a happy School by providing opportunities to learn in multidimensional ways and explore the limitless possibilities. Besides, the learners go on expeditions in the region and beyond such as both National and International MUN Conferences, University Visits, Summer School Programmes, Educational Tours, RD Camps, etc., to help identify their potential and pursue their passion.

SSVM group of schools have produced many luminaries and professionals who have had a positive impact all across the Nation. As a service-oriented educational Institutions, SSVM is one of the oldest, most prestigious schools in Southern India. Although it is most renowned for its traditional acquaintance with global reach, our schools always offer a positive school climate where students enjoy helpful attention from top faculty in the field. Students from the school benefit from real-world experiences and learn how to make a severe impact with numerous resources. SSVM Institutions offer their students with 24/7 monitoring and digital access to all the resources focusing on transforming students into capable leaders and encouraging them to make a difference.

At SSVM, we have a distinctive interest in promoting education to the underprivileged society. We churn out the most qualified teachers for our schools and many new professionals flock to our robust learners and enhance the right education even in the promising rural regions. We keep updated with daily news and keep tabs on recent government norms, and students are educated on issues of the personal, political, economic, and social justice without any discrimination. We have travelled this educational journey with innovation at every step starting from our rural students, enriching their learning strategies till collaborating with the international students around the globe. Today we have reached a stature of our standards where students from different countries look forward to joining our learning group at various levels, and we have students from around the world studying in our prestigious Institutions.

SSVM is a home for a wealth of knowledge with dedicated public service educationalists and initiators. Our schools have committed themselves to create effective programs and invent creative opportunities for learners and establish fellowships, seminars, study abroad programs, collaborative initiatives, and much more. We are noted as schools worthy of the most innovative, entrepreneurial public service students – some of whom will one day end up in the upper echelons of developed India.

We have created Schools of public welfare that is poised to integrate "Academic excellence and professional experience with uncompromising quality". Student -International Exchange Programs, Boot Camps and social service opportunities help students to broaden their horizons in creative ways. Students also apply to the "First Step" Challenge in Social Innovation, which encourages creative thinkers to implement their ideas to solving global problems through Model United Nations Conferences. SSVM also proves to be an initiator that helps empower women to take on executive roles in educational service. The school combines an unbeatable student-to-faculty ratio. SSVM focuses on "Leadership for the Public Good." smart, dedicated, and service-minded individuals; the department offers a few selective programs in public policy. SSVM also holds the unique honour of being awarded as the best Institutions in Career 360. The curriculum is designed with interdisciplinary programs, aptly combining the study of civics, ethics, philosophy, economics, organizational behaviour, life skills and spiritual humanity.

SSVM group of schools is a leader in research, service and education in the areas of public and non‐profit leadership, administration and Government policy. We are an authentic Indian institution with internationalism; thus, we count a rich set of connections to the public throughout the city and rural regions around Mettupalayam and Coimbatore. Our alumni network is made up of leading professionals working in various public service fields throughout the area and the global arena. The alumni of SSVM act as ambassadors of the Institutions and they encourage current and future students, stay abreast of program developments, support school events, and celebrate the accomplishments of our budding scholars. We prepare students to educate the next generation of leaders. ​​​ We help our students to connect domestic and global issues, alleviate poverty and build responsive citizens. We promote compassion and education for marginalized societies and service to all people with accountability, justice, professionalism, sensitivity and transparency.

Progressive rediscovery in education with new dimensions

SSVM is a Progressive Rediscovery in Education with New Dimensions and Immeasurable Outcomes!

SSVM Institutions advance the principles of productive infrastructure, land use, transportation, food and practical education. It seeks to engage professionals, deserving citizens, and students in an educational arena that enhances awareness of development-related issues in our region. SSVM is proud to record its commitment to high standards of excellence and is dedicated to imparting the very best education to aspiring learners.

SSVM group of Schools are focused on creating a generation of confident young minds through holistic education by providing them with the balanced exposure with value-based education and a learning-by-doing approach. Along with it, we instil the most important values like honesty, trust, tolerance and above all compassion for each other; thereby aiming to create better human beings who would become an asset to this society. And we believe quality education is the right way that would enable and empower the young minds to achieve it all.

The ultimate touchstone of education is the quality culture pervading the Institution. Today, institutional knowledge stands at the crossroads of keeping pace with the emerging needs of humankind alongside fast-changing trends in scientific development. The jet-set transformation, emphasis on learning than teaching, relevance to people and nation development render SSVM as the right place to gear up with a world-class competitive edge. The sacred vibes of our campuses invite you to the unique experience of quality learning in a multidimensional prospect.

Our ongoing commitment to excel and to succeed has penned a saga of success in academic laurels and leadership, incredible placements and international collaborations reflected in our core excellence. Our mile stone achievers adorn our stakeholder of parents, guests, faculty and alumni who teach our students and inspire them. SSVM has been the meeting point of creative ideas and best innovative academic approaches. It is the hub of diverse cultures of India and many others from across the world.

SSVM Institutions have a long history of having produced some of the best intellectuals of our country.

Welcome to the passionate, compassionate learning culture through SSVM!

"Education is the power to think, the power to act well in the world's work, and the power to appreciate life." -Brigham Young

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