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Admissions Open for Academic Year 2021-22


The entrance exam for the students who want to study engineering in Bangalore is conducted every year on the first day of the new academic year. The test results help the students in getting admission to the top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore. The colleges are those accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NDA) for the courses. The students need to present their test results in order to get admission.

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Dayananda College of Engineering, located at Belagavi, Karnataka is a fully autonomous engineering school. It is associated to Visvesvaraya Technological University. Dayananda has been associated with the NDTU since 1970. It offers regular courses like mechanical, chemical and aerospace engineering. The school also offers specialized programs like strategic management, energy conservation, hospitality and tourism management, industrial design and architecture, and mechanical drafting. There is an administration department as well as a financial division within the School.

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Belgaum Engineering College, located at Belgaum, Karnataka is an autonomous technical college. It is associated to Belgaum Technological Institute. The main areas of emphasis include petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering. In recent years, Belgaum has developed its own software package called Simbolair. The program gives you an in depth exposure to the real life situations that deal with petroleum supply and the increasing security concerns associated with the matter.

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Engineering Academy of India (EAI), located at Belgaum, Karnataka is another top engineering colleges in Bangalore that offers hassle-free entrance to students. The school was established in 1992 and has been improving ever since. The school offers various programs such as the Masters in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and MBA in Civil and Structural Engineering. The school also offers diploma courses in welding and carpentry. The school offers a placement facility for students who want to work while getting an education. The school also provides online enrollment facility for those who cannot manage the time required for campus enrollment.

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Belgaum Engineering College is affiliated to Karnataka State University. The school aims at developing talent in the form of trained engineers who can work efficiently under difficult conditions in various fields of engineering. The first year course is divided into six semesters and then the students are required to clear an entrance exam. After this, the students will be provided with a stream of courses related to practical and advanced engineering subjects.

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JKUAT Engineering College is another renowned engineering college in Bangalore that is also affiliated to Karnataka State University. Students looking to pursue a degree in any of the engineering fields are welcome to join and participate in these programs. The school offers Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs in a variety of engineering subjects including mechanical, electrical and optical technology, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering and civil engineering. JKUAT admission process is also quite strict as compared to other engineering colleges.

South University has its branch in Mysore. The school serves to the people of Tamil community who wish to pursue a degree in engineering. The school is one of the oldest engineering colleges of the country and offers regular MBA programs in civil and structural engineering along with the BCA course. The regular admission process for the engineering course is done on the basis of merit, and all those who wish to join the program must undergo evaluation of their competence.

Symmetry College is another renowned engineering school located in the city. The school is renowned for offering quality education along with a nurturing environment. The admission process for the undergraduate program is almost free and includes GMAT. The admission process for the master's program is almost free and includes TOEFL. Symmetry is one of the top ranked engineering schools in India and has been offering the same GMAT program since 2021.


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